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Different Saturday activity

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Different Saturday activity
  • Went to look at a Kia Sportage today.  We bought it.  Body looks good.  Mileage reasonable for the age.  Color nice.  AWD for him and good gas mileage for me.  

    To top off the day, I went to the barn after dinner and rode Whisper.  Windy.  She had been in all day and walked off like she was just an old plug.  I really like this mare.

      she  really went well.  Now I need to fit a *** collar or buxton to her.  We went up a really steep hill and my saddle wanted to reposition itself.  She handled it like it was an every day occurrence.  

    May you all have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday.


  • I look at the pic of Whisper and you Connie and it comes to my mind that Whisper has chosen you.  Arabs, especially pure-breds seem to choose their riders, much like Cats choose their servants.  

  • Thank you , Stude.  I fully understand about the cats choosing servants.  Whisper has been special since I first laid eyes on her.  She is already helping me with rebuilding my confidence since my last 'flying lesson" a couple of years ago.  She is not a push button horse.  She will stall.  I know it is a test.  I just sit it out and do, gently, whatever needs to be done to let her know we can sit there until her feet grow roots but it is that or go my way.  She has decided that my way it will be.  I really needed this kind of horse.  Once we have more miles on us, I think we will make a great pair.