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Friday Vet Day

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Friday Vet Day
  • Vet Day for the horses today. Moved them back down to the pasture in front of the barn yesterday. Nasty storms supposed to hit this afternoon.

    Heading to VA tomorrow, Stay with son and family thru Wed then moving on to another part of the state to finally put my sister in her final resting spot with my parents. She passed April 29, 2018 and will make it to VA April 27, 2019. Estate will be settled in May. Probate wanted it settled this month but after stating that final expenses won't be until next weekend they were good and extended to end of May. Be glad when that is all done!

    Brother told me this week he probably has lung cancer. He will communicate to all next weekend in VA what the real deal is as all his test results should be in. He just retired and probably has been smoking since he was 12. 

  • I need to schedule a Vet day or start taking them in a couple at a time.

    Vet day farm call sounds so much easier.

    Crazy few days around here.

    We had been dreading loading that crazy steer.

    We fed the cows in the pen and then sorted out everyone but the steer and Cocoa.

    The two separated in the pens and both given hay. Cocoa needed extra feed also.

    I put some hay in the hay ring nearby for the other cows. Everyone was calmly eating when Jess and trailer arrived.

    I put an armful of hay in the trailer opened the gate and steer walked right up into trailer.

    First thing Wednesday morning Pilot had a very bad fall.

    He was going out the front door and slid off the top step.

    He landed on his back sprawled on the cement stairs.

    Luckily he didn't hit his head or neck.

    He is going to be sore and bruised up for a good while.

    I got him situated and went to town to grab up stuff for Sunday's dinner at sis's house.

    I did chores after i got home and R came to buy my trailer.

    He returned my auger and lent me his cedar shear which I got unloaded with the bobcat.

    Then I went to feed cows to save me time getting ready Thursday.

    While finishing the task I was confronted with a 4 foot rattlesnake.

    A bit far from the truck and my pistol, I ran to the closer tool shed and grabbed a hoe.

    I was too late and he got away but I know his address is probably under the tool shed.

    Pilot was better Thursday so I did my regular volunteer day.

    We went together to feed cows and seek rattler with no luck.

    I need a break today but must get my cooking stuff readied for Sunday as I am working an extra volunteer shift tomorrow.

    Sorry about your brother Face.

    I have so many friends that say they will enjoy life when they retire.

    And inevitably they are struck down by illness.

    If anyone has extra thoughts and prayers, my friend V starts her chemo this morning.

    I hope everyone has a painless Friday.