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Sunny Sunday

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Sunny Sunday
  • and in the 60's.  Have been fighting a sore throat and decided the best thing to do was stay away from crowds so skipped Church.  I played with Whisper instead.  Had not ridden her since last August.

    I used the shedding blade and got some hair out of her.  Next a little work on mane and tail. Then face.  She still looked a mess.  Saddled her up, bridled her and stepped on.  She was really good.  stalled on me once but I waited her out and she decided I really was in charge.  no hitting, no head tossing,  just standing there.  We went where I wanted and then back to the barnyard.  Cal came home from church just as I was starting to unsaddle her so I called for him to come over and got him to take some pictures of us.  So happy with this mare.

  • Wow! Connie you look really good on her.