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Well Wednesday

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Well Wednesday
  • Farrier Ed is having back surgery today.
    Praying that this is the answer for him.

    Yesterday was cattle wrangling day.
    They all got wormed except the last one.
    He was wise to what was happening.
    We will get him when he is less suspecting.

    They are not tame but most will eat cubes from your hand and tolerate an occasional pat on the face or head.
    I need to work on the 2 younger cows as they have calves coming in June.

    Also had to separate a heifer out for weaning.
    Not easy either but a partial round bale helped get them in the pen and then cut out the rest.
    Momma was the last but is easily and calmly lured out with cubes.
    Next cattle operation will be a feisty steer going in for processing middle of next month.
    I will be glad to have him gone.

    Both farrier Ed and I prefer doing wet feet.
    Sarcee has literally rock hard feet which she passed on to both Tex and Chica.
    I am still trying to get a sub to get shoes done. They are all very busy since Ed has passed off all his clients.

    Pilot has one of those infrared hand held thermometers.
    That is an awesome use for it.

    Everyone have a wonderful mid week day!
  • My massage therapist (horse not human) came this morning and did Bella.  She said she was very improved, made progress today and wants to see her again.  She looked at Whisper too since the farrier I tried had a problem with the foot she had been off on.  She was much worse when he got done.  He never pared the sole nor took care of the frog.  (Jess checked both hinds to see if they were done alike.)  He had mentioned she might have a touch of thrush at the heel end of her frog and that there was a "bridge" there.  Jess pared off some sole (out of eight feet not one had work done to the sole nor to the frog) she found the icky spot and got a face full of pus.  Yep, she opened it up and it can drain...put them out when she was done.  Whisper went out sounder and came back even more sound.  I did her back legs and treated her foot put on the baby diaper bandage and let her be.  I went back out to water up and check hay and she was resting the other hind and putting full weight on the one  that had had a pus pocket.  I will not call that farrier again but Jess does feet and I just might call her but I know she has a full plate most of the time.  she also said I can start riding Bella.