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Monday trying someone new

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Monday trying someone new
  • I am very happy with my current blacksmith.  He does a good job and is patient with the horses.  He also is a man of faith and always prays for me before he leaves.  Yet, today I have a new blacksmith coming.  The only reason is my steady one is very busy and sometimes I have to wait a couple of weeks for him, I never schedule ahead.  I asked this one yesterday and he is coming today.  He does have a large client basis but lives close and I feel better having a back up plan if something comes up.  He also is vet recommended.  

    I think I am finally getting over the winter doldrums.  I usually enjoy winter somewhat but this season has been different.  I even took a five day vacation and might take another one.

    Once Bella gets her peddie, I want to get her ready and saddle up and try her in the paddock.  I feel safe in there, soft ground (no rocks) and solid sides (running away becomes harder).  If I feel safe, I think she will too.  She was good when I rode her a year ago but the snow was deep and we stuck to the shoveled paths.  Now she is settled in, has more weight and seems to think I am an okay person.

    Oh a girl I casually know is looking for a horse.  I told her about one my favorite dealer had.  A twenty year old quarter mare.  Super safe and gentle.  She was not excited...she is looking at a polo pony that she thinks she "looks good on".  She is AFRAID to ride anything but safe.  Not a good combo in my mind.  However, I digress, the mare I wanted her to try has been sold and was on the trailer last night.  Safe?  The dealer's great grandson came over with Daddy and Daddy ( a VERY accomplished horseman)  put the little two year old on the mare, bareback, halter and a neck rope and the child rode her to the road, turned her, brought her back , stopped her, backed her and she was perfect.  I think that would have been a good fit for this girl.  She is going to another girl who I am sure will treasure her.  I was tempted myself but I don't need another one.

    I suppose I should get into my barn duds and go let the mares out.  It is almost 7:30.  This guy said it was okay to let them out so I am.  A former blacksmith always wanted them in so their feet would be dry.

    Have a super week all.

  • When I use to trim feet I preferred dry hoofs and I never did muddy feet. Our new farrier prefers wet feet and muddy is OK. They are softer an easier to trim.

  • Bella's treatments are helping!!! The last time she was trimmed, she could only get her left  hind toe about max, 8" off the floor.  This time she was able to use it like a regular horse.  I had the lead rope tossed over her neck so she was standing happily on her own.  I told Jess and she wants to come out Wednesday and check Bella out.  I have been sending her periodic videos so she can see how she is moving.

    Whisper was good but the leg that was off when I got back from my mini vacation was sore again.  He found nothing in the foot and thought ankle ( she has old suspensory issues)  He went and got some kind of heat gun with a laser that takes temperatures.  Her good black leg was 15 degrees hotter that the one she favors!   both feet showed no heat.  I did her up last night when she came in.  This morning she was fine.  Full weight on the  left leg and not favoring it.