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Irish Spring Sunday

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Irish Spring Sunday
  • B is coming to ride. She wants to take Jet.
    So his piggy stink self got washed with Irish Spring soap which I thought appropriate.

    I will see if she wants to switch out later so we can get Sarcee and Tex out too.

    It was a nice party last evening. Almost all pilot people.

    I hope everyone has glorious green day!
  • Our Sunday church service was done entirely by the youth.  What a blessing they were.  They did skits and the young man who gave the sermon did a  super job.  Then, they had food for everyone in the cafe' (donate $ if you wish) to help sponsor a mission project for a place in Spain where one of the youth went last year for two weeks.  They all put forth great effort and they and their leaders are to be commended.

    It is now Monday morning and I am sitting here at the computer enjoying the morning sun and contemplating going over to the barn and putting the mares out.  The weather has been off lately so they have not had a chance to stretch their legs.  Whisper is almost 100% now.  My Standardbred friend and I think she probably had an abscess....I  know the stench from her foot after I took of the black salve pack surely did smell like it.  Found a discolored spot on her foot,  dug at it with the hoof knife...I think that is where it was.

    I want to ride.  I need warmer weather.

    Have a great week.

    Where is Stude? and Hunter, where are you?