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Thursday thankful

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Thursday thankful
  • We had a bad windstorm Tuesday night.
    The neighboring town of Junction had a tornado.
    Thankful we only had high winds and 3/4 inch of rain.

    Also I am thankful Tonto stopped stall walking.
    At least for now. I wanted to stop it before it became persistent.
    Connie I did use hay bags. And since the rain and all were in, I spread the hay out more during the day.
    I also grazed him in hand for a bit.
    He will be hard to maintain but I can only do my best.

    I have volunteer day today.
    My legs have really been aching a lot. I may try to do some of todays project sitting.

    Everyone have a terrific day!

  • Have you tried Arnica gel for your leg aches?  I have a friend who is using it and the friend claims it works really well.  I have used the oral kind in the past with success and the gel lately and it does seem to help.