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Tuesday hey there

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Tuesday hey there
  • Hunterseat glad to see you.
    Now where did Connie go?

    Agerita is a shrub.
    Mesquite is a tree. When it starts showing leaves there will not be any more frost and Spring is here.
    Amy is coming to ride and I plan to check the mesquites.
    A bird was pulling hair from a sheepskin on the porch.
    Red buds, plums, everything is blooming.

    Hunterseat visit anytime. There is a big black horse that doesn't have a rider.
    He even has an english saddle now waiting to be used.

    Need to move out. A piggy palomino needs a bath this morning
    Have a great day!
  •  I am back in New York.  I had a great time in Maine.  The one nice day allowed me to appreciate sights like this one.   There is so much unused land there.  I could envision lots of trail rides through the woods. I really hated to leave.

    I got here about 1:15am today.  I have started my second cup of coffee and will head over to the barn shortly.  I was told Whisper is lame.  I need to check her out.  My two flights were short times in the air but I had an over 6 hour wait in Boston before getting back to Syracuse.  I did get to ride on a small twin engine plane from Bar Harbor to Boston.  It holds a Pilot, co pilot, and eight passengers...all in the same space.  It was a VERY rough ride to Boston.  A lot of wind and turbulence when taking off and landing.  I just closed my eyes, took a deep seat and pretended I was on a horse.

    Gonna dress now and see how Whisper is.  Hope all are well


  • The Mesquite that grows here in California is a vicious little brute with, I believe, yellow flowers.  NASTY thorns though!  Thankfully up here they don't get very big.  Too much water for them, I think.

    Hi Hunter!  Glad to hear from you again!  Thought maybe you got sucked down into the underground there in China Lake.

    Well, it has been two weeks already since our big snowfall.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you folks back east would laugh at our foot-deep 'dusting' however twelve inches is a lot for us West Coast snow-wussies!  Thankfully the tethers I set up with the pony pen held so Louie and Benny didn't lose their shelter completely.  Here's a few pics:

    My poor wagon, Bess.

    My poor little Spartanette.

    Back of the poor Spartanette.

    A falling branch punched a hole in little Ida's roof and she spent the rest of the nightt out in the weather.  She didn't even want to come in to eat till I took down the hanging piece.

    Louie and Bennie, on the other hand, didn't much care about the change in ceiling height and weren't about to miss out on a meal.

    The barn itself has a relatively low pitch to it and held up suprisingly well to the snow load.

    The hill behind the barn was pretty though.

  • Whisper is indeed lame.  Her Ergot on the left hind is HUGE.  Looks tender.  A little heat in the ankle.  Put her out in the snow and she was better but not right when she came in.  I got out some liniment and did her leg...it must sting a bit she didn't like it but didn't fuss while I was doing it.  took a video of her moving and a dear friend who works Standardbreds every day said it made her think Abscess.  Me, too.  So tomorrow I will probably do the black salve and see what occurs.

    Really tired tonight.  I think early to bed is the order for me.