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Sunday slide
  • Today is high of 66*. Then we slide back to 50s and rain chances all week.

    Connie, I love that pic. I think of Rod and his team often.

    I do use fly masks. Tonto needs one all year. Not so much for flies but to protect his eyes from the sun.
    Everyone else gets them when fly season is bad. Also when the gnats are really bad and cause swollen eyes.
    I have tried almost all the ones carried by H.com. The best have been the Farnam which have been out of stock for a good while.
    I am hoping they come back in stock.
    None of the horses seem to mind the masks. No rubbing or losing etc.

    I got the fly veil more to be able to attach a bell to Sarcee. She takes pretty good care of Tonto when they are out.
    He occasionally loses her or she tries to dump him off at the barn. He will realize she is not around and then call and call until she comes for him.
    If she doesn't he will start to panic. I am hoping the bell stabilizes the blindness situation for awhile.
    The alternative is keeping him in the round pen permanently or worse.

    B and I had a lovely ride yesterday. We were both tired and not feeling up to par so we pretty much just ambled around.
    The weather was just gorgeous.

    Everyone have a lovely Sunday.

  • A friend had two horses.  A mare and a gelding.  The  gelding was blind and the mare had the heaves.  They belled the mare  so the gelding would know where she was.  Ken told us the mare would get tired of babysitting and would try to "tip toe" to keep the bell from ringing.  The strain of trying that would cause her to start coughing and he could find her.    Creates a great mind video.

  • At first I thought you were going to say she coughed he followed.

    The first time I attached the bell to her fly mask, it took er about 5 minutes to figure out how to keep the bell from ringing.

    I think I can more easily foil her by tying more bells to the fly veil.

    She needs at least one more so far.


  • Condessa went mostly blind and then kind of seemed to go senile at the same time.  The horses would go out to the back and sometimes Condessa would be left out there.  She would call and call till one of them went back for her.  Several times I had to go get her myself.

    We lost power early Tuesday morning and have been without both phone and power since.  I believe a trucker, who was stuck out at the end of our road, was the culprit for the downed phone lines.  We were just lighting the Kero lamps this afternoon when the lights came back on.  It's been a cold few days here.  The gouging in town was disheartening.

    Neighbor's horses broke through a fence and pigged out on her hay.  Then one ran through another section of fence, hooked a back leg, and fell.  She was down and calmly lying there waiting for help when I arrived.  Cut her out of the Barbed Wire and got her up.  Then fixed the section she broke through.  The wire on the neighbor's place is a nightmare, honestly!  I took down fifty feet of it so no one would get tangled in it (it led into a yard where the gate was open anyway). then fixed yet another section that was down.  The poor lady is so crippled up she can hardly walk and depends on a cousin that tries to help, but obviously doesn't know what he is doing.  Between the work I did here today and dealing with her fences, I'm  going to be right sore tomorrow.  Old age stinks!

    I think this will be my last year in Fawn Lodge.  I've about had it with the place and the owner.

    I hope everyone has a great week to come.