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Saturday still warm

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Saturday still warm
  • I did a couple errands yesterday and had lunch with Sis.
    Car thermometer said 86*

    Today forecast high is 77*
    B is coming to ride. I washed pig pen Jet in case she opted for him instead of Sarcee.

    Sarcee needs a bath also but is rideable with a grooming.
    Her fly veil arrived yesterday. I need a good way to attach a bell or two to her.
    Tonto's vision seems to be decreasing dramatically.
    I am trying to avoid having to keep him permanently in the round pen.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

  •  I have used fly masks in the past.  The only time I have been happy with one is when I had a very fine net one I used when riding.  I have found that my  horses either rub their itchy heads and irritate the eye with the scratchy net or become houdini's and just find a way to take them off.  I have found a roll on fly repellent that works quite well...looks a little odd with it circled around their eyes but it seems to do the trick.  I think Farnum makes it, not sure.  Also, as our dear Rob told us, pure vanilla cut with water works great on people , dogs, horses.  It does not work for a long time and needs regular refreshing but it does not sting their eyes like regular fly spray will.  They smell good, too. I miss our buddy Rod.