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Freezing Friday

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Freezing Friday
  • High of only 36* and possible sleet.Winds gusting to 29 mph.
    Yes that is cold for here. Bundling up till be required.
    Of course we have to drop the car in Kville early this morning.
    Brake lights suddenly quit and Pilot can't find the problem.

    Everyone have a safe day!

  • Winter temps returning here. Was in the 80s Thursday. Horses have been able to stay out for over a week now and the stalls have dried up nicely, will add fresh shaving this weekend and be ready for a colder and wetter week ahead.

  • Awakened to temps in the teens this morning.  I had to turn the heat up from 64 to 68.  We are having on and off light snow showers.  North of us got ten inches overnight and we didn't get but a dusting.

    Went to an estate sale yesterday.  The girl who runs these sales does a two day sale.  Day one had prime choice.  Day two everything is half price.  So, back today and got a double bed for $37.50, with the bedding.  The mattress is less than a year old and was only used a few times for guests. Apparently they paid over $600 for the mattress.  It is now downstairs awaiting getting set back up so that I have a decent bed for my son and his wife when they come next month.  Very pleased with waiting.  I missed out on the double wheeled wheel barrow but I have two of the regular kind so all is well.  Might go back over later to see what is left.  Not that I need any more bargains.

    The next county over is having a 4H consignment sale tomorrow.  I go every year.  Love being there.  Often some good buys and always good company...all horse people.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Thunder storms here with snow and sleet.  The Terrier is in my lap wrapped up in a blanket shaking like a leaf.  Poor thing, she is ridiculously gun shy.  The cold and wet isn't so bad as the wind.  It cuts like a knife and provides entry for the wet.

    Was going to the bank to check balance and do my cheque book.  Mayyyyybe tomorrow, or Monday.  Certainly not today!  Need a lot of things, but am not going out in this tempest.

    Wish I could find a deal like that Connie.  I could use a bed.  However, since one bed I bought had bedbugs, I have been ever since shy about buying beds at yard sales.  Even used from stores.

    With my vehicles DH, the brake light has two switch points and a fuse.  The new vehicles?  Who knows?  I set aside my Wizarding Robes when retiring from Data Processing.  But I can still sympathise.  My Brights switch is having problems.  Thankfully I know where the problem is, it's just how to go about fixing it.

    Hope Hunter's doing okay.  Same with Dana.

  • Stude, in NY it is illegal to sell used bedding unless  it has been provably sanitized.  Usually you are sold the bed frame and taking the rest is optional at a sale like this.  I am not afraid of this mattress  due to where it came from.  A professor of some kind.  I think he translated poetry .  he certainly did love books.  Shelves and shelves of them in every room and even in the hall.  Everything was clean and nice.  I kind of wish I had gotten the trundle bed, too.  It was one with the spring so  both sides were the same height when you brought the trundle out.  Sorry about your bad experience.  I have been looking but putting off used just because of critters.  Had planned on getting a decent used frame and a new mattress.

    This was too good a deal to pass up.  

    Have a great Sunday everyone.

  • Spirit has been with us a little over a month and we took her out Sunday for the first rides. She was a little anxious but did fine. She likes to toss her head a lot which I don't care for. She was out by herself so I am hoping the head tossing will stop when she has buddies with her. My sister has been more active at the barn and rode Spirit a little after I survived my ride. The sister has no strength due to sitting on a couch for over 1/2 a decade playing video games. I suspect her thumbs are strong. She is going to a gym to try to strengthen up some.