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Sunday should

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Sunday should
  • be 70 and sunny. South wind 10mph.
    A good day for a ride.

    Then it is on to taco casserole.
    And maybe buffalo wings if Pilot is up to frying them outside.
    I don't deep fry in the house. It stinks for a good while.

    Connie I use head lights.I have the kind that clips onto the bill of a ball cap.
    I found a knit cap with a built in light for Pilot.
    I need to try clipping one to my trapper/fargo hat.
    Ugly and purple but super warm with ear flaps.

    Everyone have a fun day Sunday.
  • It may be Monday but this happened on Sunday.

    Last night, I was walking back from the barn carrying a partial jug of cat milk, wearing my headlight because it was dark out, I had just watered and hayed up and given the kitties their "milk".  A car was parked facing me with its 4 ways on but that is not unusual,  It was in front of the neighbor's house and nothing really unusual  A car was coming up behind me and I noticed it was a Trooper's car.  The car passed me, stopped in front of my house, backed up and the officer asked what was going on.  I told him I had just been to the barn and was headed back to the house.  The jug had milk.  He asked about the  car with the four ways on and I said the neighbors often have a car parked on the edge of the road like that.  He said he had just wondered because with the car and me walking with a jug he thought something might be wrong.  I thanked him for checking and assured him all was well.  He went by me, slowly, and made sure I made it up my driveway and into the garage..  I

    I have been pulled over in a car, once because it was night and my dog was bouncing around anxious to go home, officer said he thought it was a child and it was kind of late to have a child out like that.  I was pulled over on horseback with a friend because , even though we  were on the shoulder side of the white line and perfectly legal, he thought we might be a traffic hazard.  This is the first time I have been pulled over for walking down the correct shoulder of the road.  

  • Wonder if the Trooper thought you were out of gas?  I don't think the milk would have taken you very far.

    It is good to hear a story where no one was getting shot at or hurt when law enforcement is involved. 

  • Well we got Hollywood-type snow last night.  Just a few inches.  The Farrier seems to have chickened out because of it.  I woke and looked out the window to see how much we got and was rewarded with countless iridescent sparkles everywhere.  It really was pretty in the early dawn light.  Just a pretty and fluffy dusting.  Got the same in Fawn Lodge, I'm told.  Bend and Prineville however seem to have gotten a lot more.  Also temps have been hovering in the area of freezing.  Oh... joy.  So it should be an interesting (to say the least) trip north.  Hopefully I can get out of Oregon before dark.  It will make the trip a lot less stressful.  Everything is arranged.  U-Haul has a trailer waiting for me in Weed, the people with the Spartan are expecting me as are the people with the Studebaker.  Ready to go!  Seven hundred twenty-five mile round trip.  Lot'sa driving ahead.

    Hope everyone around here has a great Wednesday!

  • Safe travels.