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Friday forecast

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Friday forecast
  • is getting better for everyone I hope.
    Help with garage rearranging and meeting notes is about all I can manage.

    I forgot to say the over hand grip on the chin up bar is hands together.

    We have an inversion table. I got it when Pilot broke his rib. It is in the garage and doesn't get used as often as it should. My pain Doc says it would help me a lot. I think I should park it in the middle of the master bath. Maybe we would both use it more.

    Hank is beat up pretty bad but improving.

    Tomorrow is another volunteer day.
    B and I plan to ride Sunday. I forgot that Sunday is super bowl. I won't watch but hosting Sis and kids.

    Happy weekend everyone.

  • Well the next cycle of rain has started.  The weather service says this will last through Monday.  There is snow everywhere above two thousand feet.  

    I've had to postpone my trip up north by a few days and am hoping for decent weather on Wednesday.  Not to mention plowed roads.  If I don't get that truck next week, there will be no getting it for quite a while as they are predicted to get heavy snow starting a week from Saturday.  I was rather wondering if this would happen this year.  Snow is a good thing for us.  It means water in the summer.  Both Oak Run and Fawn Lodge.  However, it can complicate quite a lot.  Especially on the driveway to Fawn Lodge.  Ah well, one day at a time.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Nighty night!