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Monday Morning Weather.

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Monday Morning Weather.
  • 4* this morning.  Above, not below.  The weather guy just announced that we will be in for about 8" of snow tomorrow and then we are going to head to the sub zero temperature range.  Such a thrill.  not At least snow first helps protect the pipes.  This means continued carrying of hot water to the barn for her highness, Whisper.  She has to get mighty thirsty to drink cold out of her pail but relishes her bucket of straight hot.  Even allowing for the cool down between the house and the barn, it is still pretty hot water.  The good thing is , she drinks.

    The horse community lost an auctioneer and his son Friday night.  They brought horses to an auction in PA and went to a hotel.  They were at the barn.  A young male came in to shoot a girl.  Apparently the Auctioneer and his son tried to protect her.  They were unsuccessful.  All three lost their lives.  The shooter then left, broke into a house, killed an 85 year old man there and then turned the gun on himself.  He may have , in his mind, solved his problems but why did he have to take four people with him?UPDATE: The lone female victim of the shooter is in the hospital in serious condition.  this is per the news item I read this morning.  

    Coming back from church the driver's side window put itself half way down.  Took it to his son's garage  and he diagnosed it as a dead spot in the window motor, but got it up.  He put it up and down a couple of times so we could see what to do with it.  Hope we don't have to try and just leave it up until spring.  I think we are going to get a newer car come spring.  Hate the gas mileage but this AWD really is good on winter roads.  Even my son who hadn't driven in snow for over a decade had no problems using this car when  he was here.

    Hoping everyone has a great week.

  • Good morning Connie.

    Pilot's driver side window in his truck can be temperamental.

    It will decide it doesn't want to go down for months at a time.

    Our weather guessers have been missing the mark for awhile now.

    Really sad they get paid high dollar for such inaccuracy.

    Not a bad winter here so far. Usually just a couple frigid days then back to tolerable.

    But I am ready for winter to be over.

    Meeting for me this morning, I am chair. Resource Team. A smaller group expected than usual.

    Just the 5 Resource Managers and a couple more volunteers. Should be short and productive.

    Everyone have a great start to the week.

  • You know, for all their warts and peeling paint, I am so glad I drive a '56 stationwagon and a '66 pickup.  Manual windows and good traction with both.  

    George's brother Russ used to have A Land Rover Discovery.  He had all kinds of trouble with getting up the hill just before the main road on George's driveway.  I was behind him in my wagon.  Russ' car slewed around and lumbered up the hill having extreme difficulty getting through the two feet of snow.  I waited for him to reach the top and then followed.  Two wheel drive.  No chains.  No snow tires.  The old lady just quietly chugged right up the hill with little trouble or fuss.  

    I have driven that old car in severe snow storms and she is rock solid.  However she is retired from snowy weather now because California started using salt on the roads about six years ago.  The old lady has enough rust issues, I don't need to add salt to it.  The truck I haven't driven in snow yet.

    Nothing interesting to say about the horses, minis, or ponies.  They're all fat, furry, and content tonight.  

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  • Took Fancy and Apache on a short trail ride Sunday. Spirit (the new horse) called for them the whole time. Sister actually worked a little, little being the key word, with Spirit Sunday. She asked the wife, "have you put a saddle on her yet?", "No, that is your job."