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Quiet Saturday

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Quiet Saturday
  • Been kinda quiet around here.

    The horses have seemed to settle in with Spirit moving in. We had to do some stall swapping to figure out a calm workable order. Fancy is the only horse that when they moved she never changed stalls. She had to move 2x in 2 weeks. We had to do girl-boy-girl-boy-girl. We started with Fancy and Spirit next to each other, 2 girls, not good. Then we swapped Fancy and Apache. Apache and Spirit are #1 and #2 now in pecking order (Apache remained #1) so the top two next to each other was not good. So Spirit had to go to an end stall, Starr the other end and Fancy in the middle, PEACE. When they built the barn they put two feeding corners next to each other, not smart, and we weren't smart enough to realize the problem until it was too late. So you you have two horses basically eating nose to nose. Fancy and Apache have no issue with this.

    After camping trip last week we take the camper to the Dr. today to get some issues fixed while it is under warranty. Awning went out fine but when we knew a big rain event was coming I wanted it retracted. NADA. Had to call a local Camping World guy who was very helpful. I don't have instructions on how to MANUALLY retract it. Took cover off of motor, jiggled the wires, starting working again. Wiring problem somewhere.

    DVD player will allow us to watch Clint Eastwood kill people all day long, but it won't allow us to watch a Disney movie. The default is to allow EVERYTHING. Strange

    Next camping trip not until April.

    This will TEST WEEKEND. It will be cool, but sunny. Will the sister who Spirit is for actually do ANYTHING with Spirit. So far she has done very little. She may have helped when we were camping, but I doubt it. If she wants to ride Spirit she has to build a relationship with her and start getting the rust out. The wife and I aren't doing it for her.

  • Sorry Face.

    Yes the week whizzed past me.

    I have the same who can be next to who issues.

    Wednesday was Farrier day.

    He is doing better. His newly found granddaughter and ex daughter in law have come to live with him.

    They have been very helpful to him.

    Hie is waiting for an appointment to have shots in his back and trying to get approved for 100% disability.

    He has given up doing almost all his customers.

    We nearly froze. But he did take the time to look at everyone. I had done Tex on Tuesday and got a very good grade.

    I need a bit more rasp on the outside left hind.

    I did Sarcee not long ago and she looked fine.

    Tonto's shoes were still ok and he can go a bit longer.

    Chica's shoulder and leg straightened  considerably after her chiro visit.

    Farrier says she is ok for me to have a go at.

    Jet was the one that really needed to be done. He was very long.

    Fronts got trimmed and reshod. Farrier asked me if I thought I could do the backs and I said he was so long I didn't want to attempt since Jet is the go to horse.

    I said it was the longest his backs had ever been. Farrier trimmed the backs and agreed it was the most he had ever had to take.

    I was glad to have everyone looked at.

    Volunteer day was nothing extraordinary.

    Yesterday Amy and I had a good ride. She tried the treeless on Jet. She really liked it.

    We both agreed like sitting on a marshmallow.

    The stirrups need to adjust a bit shorter for both of us. We fiddled for quite awhile before unsaddling and couldn't figure it out.

    Not standard leathers and blevins. I will put it on a stand and fiddle more.

    Maybe move more rounds today and B is coming to ride tomorrow.

    I will take Tex who hasn't been ridden in ages.

    Everyone have a great weekend!