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Monday more wind.

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Monday more wind.
  • Gusts to 30 mph and high of 62.
    I have been doing paperwork all day.

    My year end filing.
    Plus a report I put off writing since October.
    No biggie, just a couple paragraphs. I may need to turn it in at tonight's board meeting.

    Connie a couple small bean bags heated in the microwave for your pockets would keep your hands warm.
    I hate wearing gloves but force myself to and my hands are still a chapped dry cracked mess.
    I use eqyss mega tek lotion 10 times a day and it barely helps.

    Everyone stay warm!

  • If you don't have bean-bags, socks filled with rice will work too.

    I also taken to using triple antibiotic on my hands in lieu of hand lotion, works on the dry, chapped, cracked and bleeding skin.  I put on latex gloves till it works into the skin, around an hour and a half or so.  It has been helping tremendously.  I only use it once or twice a week.

  • Great tips.  Thank you.