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Saturday sooo windy!

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Saturday sooo windy!
  • Gusts to 35 mph all day.
    Hight temp 50.
    Miserable weather which I guess is ok since I am working my extra Saturday volunteer shift.
    I am working with my pal Dianne. She is planning hip replacement soon.

    Amy and I had a good ride yesterday. We bundled up but it turned out fairly nice.
    We had a quiet family dinner for Sis's bday. She was so happy she got all her favorite foods.

    Generators are good to have. Pilot is working on our larger one at the moment.
    It has a fuel leak and needs a new governor. Always so much maintenance on stuff.
    I am glad he is so handy.
    He set the smaller one up so we can take it around in the mule with the electric chain saws to do trimming.

    Connie I hope your boy doesn't stay away for so long.

    Everyone have a great weekend.
  • Happy Saturday all. It's sunny and about 65 - that's the predicted high for today. It's been so rainy, which is surprising for the desert. Apparently there will be a show of flowers for a brief spring before the gates of hades open up and start heating us up.

    Work is great. Busy, intense and rewarding.

    Animals are fine both dogs and cat. The dog park seems a necessity as far as the dogs are concerned. So thankful I have a fenced backyard for those mornings when it was pouring.

    I took a riding lesson last weekend, I might have said. It was great and I'd like to take one this weekend but haven't heard back. The instructor (Candee) is at a rodeo with her students. I'm not doing the gym like I need to be.

    The house still hasn't sold in CT.

    Got my taxes started and I'm so thankful I won't be paying - I think I owe CT about $10.

    Hoping to get some stuff done around the house. There's a farmer's market here on Saturdays but I'm trying not to spend anything. Might go to the commissary later to get water. I really think that's all I need. I have a couple of things to get at Home Depot. I want to put weather stripping on my doors because they leak bad and it's been in the 30s at night. But it seems crazy because during the summer you have to leave your windows cracked if you want the swamp coolers (evaporative coolers) to be effective. crazy.

    I've got a lot of volunteer/club stuff I can join and belong to here but I'm actually trying to pull back a little because I came here to work and write and I'm already behind in much of that. I have household stuff that needs doing, too. Focus Beth! Focus!

    I'm getting there!

  • It is Monday here.  It is also 12 BELOW zero.  Not sure what the wind speed is but  it apparently has put us in the minus 30 range.  Wish I had warmer clothes to wear to the barn.  The hardest part is keeping my hands warm.  Once it gets lighter out there, I will mix dry and wet food for the barn cats and get my two buckets of hot water and head over to the barn.  Hay, water, grain and then rush back here to thaw out.   We didn't get as much snow as predicted, and for that I am thankful.  That and the nice guy who went by yesterday after I shoveled my way to the road from the house and who saw me shoveling my way from the road to the barnyard gate .  He stopped, backed up,   Plowed out the gateway and also plowed in front of the car and the trucks.  Not much shoveling left to do to get anything out.  I truly was blessed by his act.

    Hope everyone is starting a great week.