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  • Spirit joined the herd yesterday. She was only 4 miles away so the fact that I blew a tire on the horse trailer wasn't such a bad deal. We knew something would make this 8 mile two way trip an all day affair, the tire was it. However, she got on the trailer unlike Apache, who I had to walk to his new home.

    Spirit is supposed to be for my sister who basically has had no involvement with the horses in over 1/2 a decade. He horses have been pasture ornaments. The only time her family is really involved, is when we go out of town. So we shall see. If we were to get a new horse Spirit would have been the one, actually, we kinda made the decision it would be Spirit.

    The positive side is we one again have 3 ridable horses so we can take a guess out. I refuse to take lawn ornaments out. Our friend who we got Spirit from knows us well and refused to sell her to my sister right off because she is also suspicious at how this will go, so they are leasing her. This will also give our friend a horse to ride with us.

    You can see a picture (maybe) by clicking below.


  • Nice looking horse, Face.  Super nice head shot.  Got up to a temp of 1 here this morning.  Kind of dragging getting ready to go feed the mares and the kitties.  I will carry a bucket of hot from the tap water over with me.  Whisper doesn't drink much when it is cold like this.  She will, however, pleasantly sip  from a bucket of hot water  like a grand dame sips tea.  At least she drinks.  Bella toughs it out with water from the hydrant and seems to be fine with it.

    Guess I should be getting ready to go see them and make sure they weathered the cold.

  • Spirit is a fine looking horse.  However, that neck makes me think Insulin Resistant.  Horses like that are easy keepers, but one still has to keep an eye on them, most especially in the spring.  Best of luck with your sister.

    The hubcaps came for my truck. The old man looks much better.  Uncovered wheels remind me of an ugly man walking around with his shirt off.  Anyway, these are for '69-early seventies, as that's the type of rims the truck has.  I suspect this truck had split-rims originally, and these rims were put on when the tire shops started refusing to work with the previous.

    Well, my project is putting doors on the barn today.  So I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

  • Stude, what is it aback the neck?  

  • Possibly the cresty neck?

  • Let's see if I can get this to post:

    Ah, there it is!  Took a bit of work, but Spirit should now be visible.

    Yes, I'm talking about the cresty neck Connie.  However, note the fat roll on the top edge of her neck, visible where her mane has flipped over to the other side.  That fat roll is an indication of an insulin resistant horse.  Not too very big of a deal, usually means they are a really easy keeper.  However one has to be careful with them as they are very prone to foundering as well.

    Here is a shot of my mare Riverdance.  Note she has the same on her neck as well.  Actually, somewhat worse than Spirit.  My Vet also agreed, after some tests, River was insulin resistant.  She wasn't overly concerned, however did caution us about the first growth of grass in our pasture and too much rich feed.  Miss this old girl terribly sometimes.

  • Thanks for the info. Her vet in the past is ours as well, so they know her. She is FAT and I will be monitoring her weight. Getting a job again will do her good. She is a little rusty with her ground manners, but she is also out of sorts still as she is still learning the new routine.She appears to be 3rd in the pecking order at the moment, out of 5. Once she settles in then working on ground manners can begin, that is, if the weather ever improves. Since the 2 hurricanes it has been wet ever since. The pasture is a mud pit.