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Tuesday Tardy Tempest

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Tuesday Tardy Tempest
  • Not much done today again.  Rain, more rain, and yet more rain...

    My new beans boots arrived.  They're in a green suede, waterproof, and lined.  Hopefully warmer than the last two pairs.  Now I have a new box to send a pair back for re-stitching!

    Everyone in the barn says they're bored and need cookies. Uh huh... yeah.

    Gave Breezy her wooden feeder back and the barrel-feeder to Benny.  Breezy was unhappy the new/old feeder didn't come pre-loaded with food.

    Dull day, hope everyone else had a better one.

  • Dull?  

    I guess so. I was awakened at 3am by screaming ear pain.

    Pilot dragged me to the doc-in the -box to be there as they opened.

    Ear infection from the nasty sore throat cold. Tested negative for strep.

    Steroid shot, pain meds and antibiotics.

    Came home and napped while Pilot loaded the bobcat to go get rounds.

    Went and helped him get 2 rounds from Danehaven. We have 8 left.

    That should get us to prime hay season.

    Put one in the bale feeder and one in the hay shed.

    Banished to the couch while he takes care of everything else.

    We will evaluate going to volunteer day tomorrow.

    Shifts are covered until 2-5pm.

    However, Amy and I had a great ride yesterday. 70 and sunny!

    Cold front came in overnight along with my earache.

    Stude I feel your pain about the muck wheels.

    Does anyone honestly believe a plastic wheelbarrow wheel will work????

    I hope everyone is doing better than me.

    Having a recuperating evening.