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Monday Mud

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Monday Mud
  • We still have it.
    Hard to keep the horses clean enough to ride.
    Jet needs to be clean for Amy tomorrow.
    I think it will take 2 baths. He has decided to be the ultimate pig lately.

    I came down with a bad sore throat Saturday night.
    Hoping to get over it today.

    Did the ironing and also plan to get the rest of the Christmas decor boxed up.
    B and Sis came and took down the tree while I vexed on the couch.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Yeah we're enjoying the season of mud here in northern Soviet California.

    Fixed the muck bucket cart today.  It blew a tire on Saturday.  I had to buy new wheels as tires aren't available.  Chinese wheels, what else can one expect?  So, I bought slightly larger hard  rubber tired wheels.  Problem is nothing at Harbour Freight fits a 1/2" axle.  So, I had to go to Ace Hardware and get bushings and extra thick washers to make the whole thing work.  All back together and working nicely.