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Wednesday wetter

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Wednesday wetter
  • Not much but some freezing drizzle, sleet and fog.

    Went to lunch with the girls.
    Tomorrow is MaderChica's last day.
    My plan is to try and spend a little more time with her.
    Bad weather allowed only one ride.

    The boys came and hunted last night and ShyBoy got his first whitetail.

    My feet are better.
    If I forget to wear shoes in the house on the Saltillo they get bad.
    Also volunteer day is a long day on cement.
    I just need to ride more and walk less? ;)

    An English riding friend has decided to give up riding.
    She has given me an English saddle, girths and pad that she insists will fit Tex.
    Someone else will have to try it. I have only ridden his new treeless endurance saddle but once.

    Have a great evening everyone.
  •  My "Baby Boy" came home before Christmas.  It has been wonderful having him here.  He came back to help his father clean up from his house fire.    Bella is 15.2-3 H H. My "baby" is tall.  Not sure how long he will be here.  His wife said maybe another week or week and a half.  She is really missing him.  It will seem empty here when he goes back.

    I just got Bella this blanket.  It is used but a decent fit.  I have a turn out sheet for her so she is all set...her other blanket is desperately in need of washing.

    After I took this picture, Bella moved closer to James for some snuggling.  Got a picture of that, too.  She brought her head over to him pretty much leaving her legs in place.  A horse hug.