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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
  • Welcome to 2019. Hoping for a great year. Probably tomorrow I'll drop the price of the CT house and hopefully it will sell quickly. I'm ready for that chapter to close.
    Sunday I went by the equine friends' place and was able to mount up and ride Rocky down the road. He's a QH/Arabian. AND he was slightly full of himself. He screamed the entire ride! We were alone so he was calling his herd...and any other herd east of the Sierra Nevada. But it was great.
    Today I did the Resolution Run 5K. Some of it was uphill and I power walked that. Me and running uphill have never gotten along. I need to continue getting in some kind of condition so I can run with the donkeys one day. Speaking of, the Colorado Pack Burro Races are in July/Aug. Just want to keep reminding in case anyone wants to swing out that way!
    I have some ice cream of all things. It's colder than normal for this place out there but it's still 47 (feels like 42). I know that's not THAT cold.Calling for 24 tomorrow night. Might get rain by the end of the week. Really unusual for this place. But it will make for great spring flowers. (so I'm told).
    Sweet dreams all. Hope the riding is good where you are!
  • DaneHaven how are your feet?