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Saturday scurry

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Saturday scurry
  • around to get things done for bad weather coming in.
    Windy and cold then rain and then really cold is the forecast.

    Round bale out and firewood stacked.

    I can't believe this year has almost passed!

    So nice to hear from Dana.
    Happy for your new horses. You will have Hubby's a been there done that horse in no time.
    He needs to settle in.

  • It was nice to hear from Dana, wasn't it?  Don't have any idea of what she's talking about on FB because I've never seen her there.  But then we might be travelling in different circles.  As huge as Zukerberg INC has gotten, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

    I have been hearing some strange and unsettling news stories about Govt. employees having to do with the shut down.  But they have done well in previous administrations so I'm not too very concerned.  After all, during Obama's administration the government was shut down nearly a month one time and no one died from it.

    Drove Socks today and he was his usual perfect self.  I also tried the other KG on him and it fit well.  The shafts I used are so-so and an inch or so short.  So I might go with ordering another set from back east, if it's affordable.  I need new shafts for the Phaeton and might as well order cart shafts as well.

    Received a nice Christmas picture/card from my youngest daughter.  It's a nice picture of her and her dogs... no hubby in it.  Kinda worrisome that.  She really needs a visit I think...

    Things are drying out nicely around here.  Made the drive with Socks nice not having mud spraying all around.

    I do hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!