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Feet hurting Friday

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Feet hurting Friday
  • After working all day yesterday.
    I couldn't sleep and had to take some pain meds because my legs and feet so much.

    Nik made it and I got to see her for a few minutes on my way home.
    The kids are going to the state park to go hiking and see the dinosaur tracks today.

    II have gifts to get wrapped. I hope the rest get delivered today or I will have to scramble.

    Everyone have a fun Friday!

  • Friday was a day of miracles for me.

    My youngest son was flying home from HI for the first time in over a decade.  His wife booked his flight, on of those super special low priced ones that would bring him to JFK.  She checked on train fares from there to here but didn't book.  When they realized that, an attempt was made to get a seat on the train but it was fully booked.  Oops.

    I live in Central New York, actually almost at the geographical center.  His flight was rerouted to Syracuse for refueling.  Miracle #1

    He was only allowed off the plane to stay in Syracuse if the paperwork could be processed before the plane was refueled.  It happened!  Miracle #2

    He took one of the truck to go to his home town to his favorite eatery.  When he left there, he drove past his father's and saw that his father and brother were there.  These three have never been able to work well together, remember father had a fire and lost his home.  He stopped, got a hug from both Dad and Brother.  He stayed and helped them build an insulated house for the water pump so the two house trailers on the property would have water.  They worked together.  Miracle #3.

    When he came back here and told me about the hugs, my eyes started leaking.  It was a good day.  Even though my body is not well my spirit is soaring.

  • Some days things just come together and life on this fallen old world is a little bit easier to endure.  Glad to hear your boys got along Connie.  

    Hope everyone else has a good a weekend as Connie's day.