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Monday Missy come home!

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Monday Missy come home!
  • I hope and pray she does.

    Today we are moving a couple more rounds.
    I will be glad to not have to that this coming hay season.
    A process that requires loading the bobcat. Going to DaneHaven. Unloading the bobcat. Loading 2 rounds. Reloading the bobcat.
    Coming back here and unloading the bobcat and the 2 round bales.
    Now with the new hay shed installed the rounds can come directly here.

    I am considering another 2 stall run in with tack shed here also.
    Although funds need to increase somehow for that to happen.

    Hank the ranch cat came up 3 legged yesterday morning. Don't know what happened. His leg and paw are swollen.
    He is tucked in the dog kennel hay shed. He won't last limping around on 3 legs.
    Made him a snug bed and of course he bit me. Rotten cat.

    B came and put our tree while we were at volunteer party.
    She enjoys doing it and does a very lovely job.
    Frankly I think she knows we probably wouldn't get it done otherwise.

    Everyone have good week!
  • I am so glad we still have the hundred pound (+-) bales around here.  I see no reason to spend ten grand for a piece of equipment just for the farmer's convenience.  

    Three days of downpours.  This is getting old...  I have work to do.

  • I am blessed here when I get rounds.  The farmer is a mile away and he loads one or two in the bed of my truck.  I drive them here, back up to the barn and neighbor Tom wrestles them off and puts them where I want them.  He even takes the netting off when he gets them in.  Great man to have for a neighbor and he is strong...I do help push if I can.