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Thursday blown' through

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Thursday blown' through
  • A front is hitting today. Chance of rain and dare I say the four letter word, snow.
    Wind gusts up to 45 mph!

    I need to get squares before the rain hits.
    Tricky, since I have volunteer day today.
    I will have to blast to town early.
    Then back for my regular day after unloading.

    Sounds like Stude is making good progress.
    I hope everyone else has good progress today also.

  • This morning I heard a report of a fire come over my scanner.  Paid attention since I used to live on that road.  Checked the address, they are all different since they came through and renumbered after I moved, and heard it wrong and placed it close to town.  Wrong.  It was the place I used to live in.  Where my boys grew up.  My ex still lives there  and had a darling little 7 pound dog he adopted after she was found running the streets.  She alerted him to the fire.  Then she went into the next room .  He crawled around looking for her , even felt the top of the bed but could not locate her.  He managed to get out  with the clothes on his back.  She did not make it.  The house is a total loss.  My oldest son is there with him, my youngest wanted to fly home but Dad said no, not necessary.  Not much to sort through that the fire did not get.  He has two trailers he rents out and one is occupied by a 92 yr old woman.  She told him to move in and use one of the bedrooms.  Wise move, he could have asked her to move out.  My heart aches for him,  not only did he loose his home of  over 50 years, he lost that sweet little dog that he just told me  two days ago he loved.    Offered to help any way I can.  He was even offered a room here if he needed it.  At least he found out the fireproof file I bought many many years ago actually is fireproof.

    Just realized Christmas is rapidly approaching.

  • We have to make room for thirty more bales (100 lbs or so each).  I'm pretty angry about the issue and won't go into it.  In the meantime I have to find a place for a Pony Buggy and a few other  items which were hiding in there.  One more puzzle I have to put together.  Thankfully a simple one.

    Looks like I'll have to go into town after lunch.  We need diesel and some other odds and ends.  Gotta feed the tractor.

    So very sorry for your Ex's loss Connie.  Odd how she would wake him then run away.

    Speaking of fires and lost pets.  People are now returning to the ruins of Paradise Ca.  Some happy endings are being reported.  Like the family's dog who was waiting on the driveway of his now non-existent home when the family returned.  Another story of a family who were picking through the ruins and she calls to her cat, out of a whim, and kitty comes bounding out of the burned brush surrounding the property, bounding into her arms.  The Horse show arena survived with the surrounding park and trees in very good condition.  They lost the arena rail, a storage shed, and their tractor.  So some light.  damage.  However the Judge's stand and Snack Bar both survived (tin roof and cinder-block construction).

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  • Stude,  he was at the table looking at a catalog.  She let him know something was wrong and went to the next room the one they sleep in.  I think he keeps a curtain over the doorway.  When he felt the heat , he went after her, had to crawl due to the smoke.  He said he felt all over the bed that they shared and could not fine her.  I think she went to her safe room and hid.  He got out just in time.  The upper floor collapsed and landed on the ground floor.  she saved his life.  He could not find her to save hers this time.  He rescued her from running in traffic.



  • Connie. Amazing, tragic, sad story.