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Tuesday and rather chilly

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Tuesday and rather chilly
  • Happy belated birthday, Pilot.

    Yesterday Jess came and gave Bella a long treatment.  A lot of knots were released according to the two of them.  Bella stood like an angel...most of the time her lead was draped over her neck.  At one point, I was standing in front of her and Jess was working on some past the withers point.  Bella picked her head up higher than normal, something she has never done, and put her lips next to my face, and proceeded to lick my face.  I have heard about horses licking and chewing.  No one ever said they do it on your face.  Well, she didn't chew, just licked.  She will get another session before Christmas.  She did not do the entire body, she was worried it might be a bit of an overload.  I am happy for the progress.  She can actually turn her head and touch her ribs..something I had never seen her do.  

    Got my goodie package from Hawaii yesterday.  Now to repack two thirds of it and send it out to people here who appreciate good coffee and Mac nuts.

    Hope everyone has a great day.


  • Awwww... Bella was saying thank you!  I'll bet she feels a lot better.