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Wednesday where does time go

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Wednesday where does time go
  • We spent the day on the cabin roof.
    There is a leak in the gallery about center of the room.
    The gallery was an add on and also it's roof.
    The water is pooling on the seam of the 2 roofs.

    Had to remove the old seam sealant and reseal.
    Not a fun job in any way and we were very cold.
    No comfortable way to sit either.

    It took a-l-l day.
    That electric blanket is going to feel good tonight.
    Not sure I will be able to move tomorrow.

    Everyone have a restful night.

  • Was off to Fawn Lodge the past two days.  Fixed the Gopher-chewed pipe so now the house has water.   My big coach has a cover on it.  No leaks so far, but I don't trust it should there be snow.  Also, tied a blanket in prep for quilting it.  All in readiness for the weather next week.  Weather forecast says below freezing all next week.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  • Bella didn't get her treatment.  Jess got up to a phone call from a tenant to no water.  The tenant is responsible for the fuel but had run the tank empty and was using electric heaters.  Pipes froze.   She had to go and get a new nozzle for the furnace and of course, fuel and then bleed it to start it.  Pipes had to be thawed and some replaced.  I told her Bella isn't going anywhere and to come a different day.  I also told her to go home, warm up and cool off.  Ah, the joys of being a landlord.  I do not miss it.