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  • It's late Sunday here and already Monday on the East Coast.
    Visited Lone Pine Friday - all the great western TV shows were filmed there! Plus scenery with snow capped mountains - beautiful. I took pictures on my phone, ignoring the Canon I've got in the closet.
    Saturday I volunteered to take pictures at the church's Children's Christmas Party. yay....time consuming. Just about finished editing. At least I got my camera to work, although the Auto setting is kind of a waste, imo. I'll try to keep working on improving.
    Today I volunteered to work one of the aid stations at the Ultra Marathon/30K & 50K races. It was FREEZING but clear and sunny. The runners were great. I knew some of them from the Wednesday evening gathering. Cool to see them successfully complete the course. My donkey trainer friend and her husband ran for the 5th time so they got a cool sweatshirt. yikes. I can't see it. Oh well. They're ate up! After we closed the aid station I grabbed a handful of greasy potato chips and my stomach let me know quickly it was a bad move - no pun intended. Since I couldn't lay down in a fetal position I had to bear with the rutty road going back to my car. I seriously thought I was in trouble but made it home okay and then slept a few hours. Nice. Feeling okay now, thankfully.
    Work tomorrow/Monday. Busy. I never catch up. But these jam packed weekends don't really do me much good. I need some down time. Hate to say it but I miss the heck out of the guy back in CT. I'd really like some divine intervention on the situation. Cuz that's what it would take. I have to say he decided to read through the Bible and he's about finished with the Old Testament. He's read Revelations 3 times. Something unusual for him. Anyway, if anyone can save us, God can. :)
    And I'm off to sleep. This kitty is keeping me up some but right now he's snoozing.
  • The miracle worker is due back Wednesday.  Full session for my Bella.  I got straw today.  Really pleased with it.  couldn't resist.  I picked up the stalls this afternoon and added bedding.  Bella acted like it was her due.  Whisper seemed pleased.

    Hoping for good results from her treatments.    I really want her pain free.  HOpe she stays as sweet and loving as she is now.