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Tuesday Wonderland

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Tuesday Wonderland
  •  It is beautiful outside.  We got a heavy wet snow, and inch or two and it is sticking to every surface it can.  It is so beautiful.  I will soon mess up that beauty with foot prints since I have to go to the barn and feed and water the girls.  This is the kind of winter day where I would enjoy having a plow/shovel person to keep the driveway and paths open  while I sat inside and looked out the french doors at the Creator's painting for this morning.

    I am having a concern with Bella.  She has difficulty getting up sometimes.  If it is slippery she does not seem to be able to easily get her hind feet under her.  She is only six.  The vet who came to float teeth only noted that she is a bit tender in the butt but offered no suggestions since she travels sound.  I have it in my head that she may have gone over backwards at some point and injured herself.  She will throw herself backwards when tied...has not gone over here,  but did break a halter.  I really need to work with her on this issue but she stands beautifully for grooming and saddling so I really don't tie her.  She is a dear so I am hoping she only needs time.

    I am procrastinating.  I need to suit up for the weather and go take care of the barn residents.  Hope everyone is having a great and safe week. 

    Congrats on the beautiful Kitty, Hunter.

  • I believe it's Hunterseat"s birthday today!

    Have a great day and enjoy the new kitty kid.

  • Speaking of Hunter, I do hope she's okay...

    Love your sentiment about the Creator's painting Connie!

    By the by:
    One thing you might try is Buteless pellets, for the mare having trouble getting up.  They worked really well for several years with Riverdance's ringbone.  When Bella went over backwards she might have injured her back and the cold weather is exacerbating the situation.


  • Thank you, Stude, for the kind words and helpful suggestion. I am guessing she went over but she has not done it here.  I have had suggestions of Massage Therapy, Chiro, and Magna Wave.  I know someone close that does Magna Wave.  I also have used a local Massage therapist.  I do not know any Chiros , well, one, locally but will check.  The one I do know of is a vet who makes house calls.  I had him out once and was not favorably impressed.  He was afraid of the horse I called him to examine.    I will check on the buteless pellets.  I have Bute but am not a fan of using it unless really necessary.