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Thursday turn out

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Thursday turn out
  • The boys got out yesterday afternoon for a good while.
    Girls out today until Pilot gets home to put them in.
    I won't get home until after 6? And that will be too long for them to be on green grass
    after only hay for a week.
    More rain is expected through the weekend.

    It would be nice to get a round bale out to use instead of squares also.
    Maybe tomorrow morning if there is no rain before then.

    Everyone have a great safe Thursday!

  • Good Morning....I think it is Friday now.  Still groggy.  The weather girl says the hurricane will make landfall today.  I guess it has been downgraded to a category one but it is still capable of a lot of damage.  Meanwhile a storm has hit the Hawaii'an islands and my son is getting inundated with more rain.  The last major storm went south and he had water to his waist in some of the low spots on his land.  Who knows what this one will bring?  I think there is another one on its tail.

    It will be hot here again today.  My air conditioner needs replacing.  Hate to get one at this time of year but can not tolerate the humidity.

    Face, hope you are safe.