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Saturday sliding in

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Saturday sliding in
  • Face, I hope your trip is going beautifully. I love a fair! :)
    We had a chance of rain. It clouded up really well but I didn't get wet. I think something got rained on by the looks of things.
    Teddy got a pesky cough and I was able to get him in at a vet a loooong ways away (60 miles). It's a great vet, came highly recommended and I was very impressed. Affordable, too, which I was holding my breath on since my relocation pay hasn't hit the bank YET. (next pay day...story of my life)
    Anyway, Teddy caught something, we think at the dog park. He's been chasing tennis balls and I suspect that. For a while he didn't then started and then he caught this bronchial thingy. He's on antibiotics but the vet says "no dog park!" We are very sad. It's horrible to walk around here with the heat and desert, plus the areas aren't kept very clean in this complex so, no telling what you'll run up on. ugh. It's okay. It's cheap. It will do fine and there are some decent folks here. Sprinkled about.
    I was hoping to get to Dana's this weekend but I'm really stretched thin. I found a br suite for $150 plus they threw in a washer dryer for another $100 and I gave them $50 to deliver it. Then they totally set everything up for me so..well worth it. Unfortunately I was counting my chickens on the relocation money, which did not show up...yet.
    I hope everyone's having a great weekend. Be kind.
  • Be kind, because nice matters...

    Pilot and I made a run into San Antonio. He had ordered some new camp gear online but a piece was damaged.

    Got it easily replaced. Had lunch and got the heck out of Dodge. People are extremely

    Sorry pup is sick.

    My schedule suddenly blew up. So I plan to relax tomorrow before things get crazy for about a week.

    Have a nice evening.