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Saturday Standing

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Saturday Standing
  • in mud!
    Another long soaking shower last evening.
    I wish I could send some to the fires.

    Since it is wet we went back to extending the fence at Ever After.
    It required welding so we laid off that project due to the danger of fire.
    We finished the first corner on the south yesterday. It was very hot but a breeze every once in awhile was very welcomed.
    We finished and came home just in time for the rain.
    The second corner at the gate we can reach from the road. No worries about getting the pickup stuck.

    Everyone have safe travels and fire and heat relief!

  • Rained most of the day here.  The mares got wet.  Whisper has finally decided that the pasture is not evil and goes down with out being forced to.  They are in and drying off now

  • Well Frankie and Chance went to the Syskiyou  fair today.  They will strut their stuff for Fireworks Farm tomorrow.  Poor Frankie doesn't like his momma's trailer at all.  He has no problem with Jmebear's stock trailer, but really dislikes the asileway trailer.  Poor fellow.  He calmed down considerably when Chance got in next to him.  I believe he will need an exclusive agreement.  In that way there won't be any confusion on his part.  But we shall have to see on that.

    They have finally opened the road to Trinity County today.  I can finally go home.  From what I have been told, the fire didn't come within ten miles of Fawn Lodge.  However the towns of Keswick, Shasta, Mary's lake and numerous  charming little hamlets were completely wiped out.  I'm not looking forward to seeing all of that driving home.  I'll have to deal with twenty-five miles of strict pilot-car accompaniment from Wiskeytown Lake to Fawn Lodge.  So very slow.  My old truck should like that.

    I found out that in the confusion of the evacuation for the Post Office, someone else got my mail.  Including a cheque I was waiting on and my prescriptions for July.  Oh.... wonderful.  Spoke to the county Postmaster and he promised to look into it.

    Painted Jmebear's new shed today.  Well, two walls anyway and might have to do another layer or two to even up the colour.

    Very tired.  Going to bed.  Hope everyone has a very blessed Sunday.

  • Praying all goes well on your trip back to Fawn Lodge.  Sad for all the destruction.

  • Thank you Connie, it did go well.

    There used to be a charming little village just outside of Redding.  The whole thing was wiped out.  About twenty homes, a roadhouse, and outbuildings, all gone.  The town of Shasta with numerous lovely little Victorian homes was hit pretty hard too.  Both were heartbreaking to see.  The fire burnt to within just a few miles of Fawn Lodge.  Praise God it didn't get any closer.

    Got the old Imperial moved further out of the way and some of the downed trees cut up before the saw blade went dull.  Will have to dismount it and have it sharpened next trip.

    Oh, got my mail too.  Seems the only thing missing was the Cheque.  Funny that...