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Friday Road Trip

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Friday Road Trip
  • Wife flew to PA for a couple weeks this past Wed. Her parents are starting have some issues and she wanted to spend some good quality time with them.

    Kitchen is SLOWLY being remodeled. Floor, counter, back splash. It was SUPPOSED to be done before the wife left, but.... Floor is 99% done. Counter was put in yesterday. No clue when plumber is coming to finish up dishwasher and sink or when back splash will be done. Hopefully it will be done by the time The Wife gets back. The Wife is doing the cabinets.

    Heading to VA today taking old fridge to son's and stuff from my sister that he wanted. Truck and small trailer full. They need a 2nd fridge as we have problems loading our wine and beer when we visit.

    When I get back I need to get a the horses feet done. I hate doing feet in the Summer as it is so hot. One horse wipes me out. So I do One A Day. Been thinking it may be time to hire a professional and I can do the minor stuff between visits. 

  • Have a safe and fun visit with your son.

  • We had rain!

    A nice thunder shower last evening.

    Almost 3/4 inch. More forecast for the weekend.

    It will cancel riding plans but we are beyond desperate.

    Everyone have a safe weekend.

  • Road trip here, too. I'm in IL and will be in Denver Sunday, then CA by Tuesday. Those are the cliff notes.

    Dogs are being great, if a bit neurotic. Understandably.

    I'm off to get some good food. Seems like a long time since I had a real meal.

    Miss you guys. Hope everyone's doing well.


  • Weather is still suffocatingly hot here.  The Carr fire is slowly being contained.  Hwy 299 is open for ninety minutes in the middle of the day and all night till five in the morning.  However they are running controlled traffic with a pilot car for twenty-five miles.  This is because all the guard rails and signs are burnt up.  Lewiston, and Fawn Lodge were spared, Praise God!  I'm hoping to make the trip up on Sunday.

    Hope you have a safe and fun trip Hunter!  Don't drive faster than your angels can fly.  

    Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

  • Stude, so thankful that your place has been spared.  I am sorry about the heat.  We have had some beastly humidity and high temps here.  Friday was not too bad.  No Idea what Saturday will bring.  

    Yes, Hunter, be careful.  DG is traveling, too.  She got her vehicle to AZ and is flying back to O:regon to get her truck, trailer, and horse to drive back to AZ.  Prayers for all of you.