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Monday no moisture

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Monday no moisture

  • All the rain chances have passed and only a scant 1/3 of an inch?
    It rained most of the day in nearby Kville.
    We did errands. Needed vehicle inspection and oil change, Got a new battery too.

    Took my lap top in for maintenance so using Pilot's for the time being. His needs to go in also.
    Mexican for lunch.

    Hoping to ride tomorrow. Missy Chica has had an attitude the past couple days.
    Tex was pushing her around so I switched her to be out with Sarcee and Tonto.
    She was pushing Tonto so back she goes with the boys.
    Maybe getting her butt kicked will improve her attitude?

    I hope everyone had a good start to the week.
  • this is Tuesday now.  We are supposed to get rain but bet not much.  Second cut hay is going in around here and the field corn is almost up to my shoulders.    Hope we get the rain.