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Having a hay day

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Having a hay day
  • This morning anyway.
    Hauled 8 more round bales. I had to take Tifton in order to make sure our horsey butts were covered for the coming winter.
    $100 per each. Irrigated, green and clean. I out one out. The girls and Tonto think it is fine but the boys think I have lost my mind.
    Only a 1/4 inch of rain and the drought is looming ominously. No coastal rounds to be had.
    I will need to feed both or all coastal and then finish out with Tifton.

    MaderChica made it home safe this morning. She missed seeing the rhinoceros beetle I found this afternoon.
    It would have freaked her out. Pilot sent her a pic.

    I have an extra volunteer shift tomorrow. Then I had better get back to working Missy Chica. One more hurdle next week and things should be smoother.

    I hope all is and are well!

  • We had the same here at the Walkingbear.  Forty bales (rectangles about 100lbs) delivered today. Good first cutting mountain timothy mix.  Nice hay.  I also asked how much it would be for a full truckload (really took the supplier aback) as I really don't want to be messing around with poor quality hay anymore.  I'm going to have to figure this one out as it's $2500 .  Socks eats about 73 bales a year or $1022 in hay @ $14 a bale.  Bebe eats about an eighth of what Socks does (she's a mini) or around ten bales a year at $140.  Add in $420 for the farrier  and around three hundred for incidentals, and horses work out to an danged expensive hobby!  That's nearly fifteen hundred a year just for Socks!

    Heard about a tick today that is called a Lone Star.  Common throughout the south that is supposed to cause a reaction in people that makes them allergic to red meat.  You know, that actually sounds like something out of an Orwellian novel as a method of biological attack from the government attempting to gain more control over what people eat.  We live in strange times...

    Well falling asleep at the keyboard, so time to go beddie-bye-bye.