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July 2 Half-way through

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July 2 Half-way through
  • the year already.
    It is almost Christmas! Does that make you feel cooler?
    We picked up the meat for the second steer this morning.
    Post your favorite ground beef recipe please. I don't have nearly enough.

    Made ham and baked mac and cheese last night for the family.
    It was a subdued evening.

    Enjoy the holiday.
    I hope everyone is careful in the heat.
  • Hamberger helper!

  • Ha ha! DB good idea for quick meals. I will have to look. But we do low carb so no pasta or potatoes.

  • ground is good with tomatoes...kind of like goulash but none of the traditional pasta.  Can make with a cheese sauce, too...low carb.  I like to make it into a soup too.

  • Canned tomatoes, chopped onions, celery and Bell Peppers, Just one crushed garlic clove  Brown the Hamburger first, add the tomatoes  (with liquid)  and Garlic.  Add a can full of water and simmer for ninety minutes.  brown the rest of the veggies and add to the mix.  If you want to make this into spaghetti sauce, add tomato sauce with the canned tomatoes.  Otherwise, it can be served over rice, beans, pasta, or for a low-carb version, shredded broccoli stems that have been lightly boiled (barrrrrely cooked, just scald 'em good with the water).  I use SHARP Cheddar cheese unless it's spaghetti, then I  use Parmigian, of course.

  • And instead of over pasta Spaghetti squash or shredded zucchini.  (Zoodles). Or, I am sure cauliflower would  work well also.

  • seriously.... why i dont use beef, if you have the time, potstickers are good.  the recipie i have calls for a half pound, so  i double it.  the other batch goes into the freezer for next time.  

    if you can do the deep fry thing, I have a recipe called 'yooki-mo-du rolls' that is awesome!  Its huge for us, so after they have cooled, i put them in the freezer too.  i pop them back into the oven or toaster oven to crisp them back up and hope more of the grease comes out.  mskes about 25ish egg rolls.  

  • Mmmm potstickers!

    We do deep fry and should more often. Easy outdoor cooking.

    I just made the deep fried pickle, ham and havarti cheese in egg roll wraps from Triple D.

    Not as good as they made them sound on tv but the family was impressed.