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Friday - finally a firm job offer

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Friday - finally a firm job offer
  • Wednesday I got an email with a firm job offer. I have 4 offers on the table but only one firm/tentative. Going to take me providing info, filling out forms. It's with my agency but in.....ready?...California. The Mojave desert of all places. But the cost of living is really low there, go figure.

    I had a VA offer in Yorktown, right where I grew up. That wasn't a promotion and would have been a decrease in pay. I'd love to work at that location but I'm fast approaching retirement. Funny thing, as I figure this will only be a few thousand more a year in retirement but I think I'll be much better set up for saving, or at least being where I'd like to be which may or may not include a horse trailer.

    Anyway, we shall see. The house is still not listed but I have to give the guy credit, he's working hard on finishing it. He has two incentives. I'm now charging him to live here and I'm going to split the sale profit with him. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    We don't have internet but this hotspot works great so I should be getting on here more frequently. I miss it here! Glad Harper's getting rain and the resale shop is doing well.

    Face, sounds like you're getting some horse time. I love the pictures of where you live. Seems wonderful. I'm looking at the Carolinas for retirement.

    I hope everyone is well. (Stude, Connie, lurkers...)
  • There you  are.

    Good luck with the offer. I hope it is what you want .

    Speaking of horse trailer, i need to have mine loaded up and ready to roll early tomorrow morning.

    Looks like there is a hay shortage already due to the lack of rain so far this Spring. Not what I wanted to hear.

    I will have to scramble to get some and the next week is not good for hay scrambling.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • California would be a very bad Idea for you Hunter.  The reason that job came open is because someone fled California.  Did you know that in the past two years  (well actually the past eighteen months) Texas has received seven hundred-fifty thousand people from California?  That's just Texas.  It's up to you, it's your decision as to where you live and work.  I'm just say'in so you have your eyes wide open when coming here; expect the highest taxes you have ever paid and a restrictive, controlling state government that is completely out of control.  Think the Venezuela effect buffered economically by the rest of the country.  About the only good thing to happen out here for the past five years is a possible reduction in the price of hay due to the embargoes of the far east due to Trump's import duties and fees.  At least that's what we are hoping.  If the state legislature keeps going as they are, the additional taxes and fees might just run everything else up so high as to erase any benefit from dropping hay prices.

    Trust me, California... bad idea for now.  I would defect myself if I was able.


  • Top 3 states for high taxes (all forms averaged) NY, CT, NJ. And here I am in CT.

    In the next year or so about 800,000 people will be leaving New England and.... I think MN.

    I promise not to stay in CA. Where I'm going the cost of living is very reasonable. It's strictly another move in the chess game of life. It'll be a nice change of locale.

    I do appreciate the concern and input, though. :) Like family.