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Tuesday and a new work week

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Tuesday and a new work week
  • Well, not for me since I am retired, but for many.

    Yesterday Bella started going down in the lane.  I led her part way once, let go of the halter and continued walking.  She followed.  She knows her way and enjoys the grass.  Whisper is still convinced the pasture is an evil place and keeps fretting and pacing back and forth...she can really work herself up.  At least she is starting to build some muscle.  Vet due tomorrow so I am hoping she can give me some advice.  Not sure I want to tq  a horse to get it to stay in pasture but maybe?  She acts like she really got frightened down there and never wants to be there again.  I know we have critters around but not sure just what could trigger this.  She was fine until she was alone here.

    Face, family issues are difficult at times.  Sorry you are going through this.

    Another hot day due here today.  80's.  Humid.  It is already humid.

    Well, hope everyone has a great week.

    Oh, Monday afternoon it was hot and I didn't want to cook.  Got some ice cream and toppings and we had sundaes for dessert.  Not on my eating plan but it was good for a once in a while treat.

  • Monday Resource meeting took most of the day yesterday. Team members work awhile after the meeting to do catch-up.

    Hot here too so by the time I got home it was not fit to be outside. I did do some watering in the evening.

    Today is steer shipping day. I will check fence while the guys load. No sign of the bull lately so maybe the neighbor moved him. We have decided to extend the fence on the half section where we did short fence on the east side. We are putting up only high fence from now on. More expense but much less worry.

    Saw that new hay was in so will get a round today.

    When you are retired there are no days off.

    Everyone have a terrific Tuesday!