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Saturday some

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Saturday some
  • cooking is getting done.
    Meatballs for trail ride tomorrow and for the "B" party on Thursday.
    Bacon, iced tea and homemade baileys, also.
    Still need to make granola bars for Resource meeting Monday morning.

    We went to the visitation for Farriers wife last night.
    All the kids and grandkids were there including the daughter and grand daughter that live in New Zealand.
    We skipped the funeral today. We both know how overwhelming that event is. The after times are when he will need friends around him.

    It will be hot riding tomorrow.
    Amy and I rode yesterday. We put the new treeless endurance on Tex for her to try. She loved it. Stirrups are hard to adjust.
    I rode Sarcee with a bare back pad. It was hot but fun.
    I will probably try Tex and the new saddle tomorrow. Pilot is riding Jet.

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
  • Jmebear and I drove down to the North of San Francisco Bay today to pick up a KG cart for Socks.  It was an interesting trip, though turned out to me much longer than either of us would have liked.  A trailer exploded on the highway south of Vacaville and traffic came to a crawl.  Three hours worth of a crawl.  Oi.  Oh well, after we cleared that  we sailed through Suisun City and Fairfield, took the bypass to Napa, and then south to American Canyon where the cart was.  I was somewhat disappointed as to the condition.  It's very weathered.  However, the cart seems sound, for the most part, and will likely do the job very well.  Will see how things go with it in the next few days.  No pics to share tonight.  Sorry, way too tired.

    Didn't know this was Memorial weekend.  Had I known that this trip would have been delayed a few weeks.  Oh well.  I hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day weekend!