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Great Weekend

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Great Weekend
  • Great weekend visiting kids in VA. On Saturday did a day trip to Grayson Highlands State Park to see the wild ponies. They are not very wild. 

    This is Fabio, a stallion that joined us for lunch.


    A couple of Fabio's mares who looked very pregnant

    While hiking we found a another group that had a couple babies. We also witnessed a stallion try to join with the 2nd group but their stallion was having none of it. 

  • Fabio is aptly named.  They look like Welsh Mountain ponies.

  • My boss went for a class in Norfolk. He camped out on the beach at one of the outer banks islands. Chincoteague or Asoteague  (spelled wrong, I know) anyway the ranger came over to tell him not to leave his cooler out because the ponies will raid your campsite. He sent some pictures. Fun times.

    I hope everyone is doing well. I'm going to remind others, because it reminds me, to pray for my oldest son who is really in a bad way. I'm trying to stay upbeat. As Painted Lady once said to me "you can't control what they do". She was wise and I miss her.

    My job interview went well today. CA.