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Saturday sliding stop...

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Saturday sliding stop...
  • Well, maybe not sliding but stopping anyway. Long drive home after a long and rewarding day at the rescue. 5 adoptions today. There was a Meet & Greet and it was so much fun. Well, I worked but the horses seemed to really enjoy it and so did the people. Kind of a crowd and Brielle, who runs the barn, training, perfect-matching, AND is only 21, did a great job managing it. She's amazing and I can't help but be proud of her.

    So I drove out there Friday early and rode 4 horses plus worked. OH also I took grooming mitts out and worked on some in the field who were looking a little ratty half shedded out. Great time had by all. :)

    When I got home from work Thursday, Jeff thought it'd be fine to let the dogs out. Well, Mr. Teddy Bear is a runner - always has been, always will be. He has his circuit around the neighborhood, usually involving catfood dishes on people's porches. He always comes home and THIS TIME when he did he was HUGE and I knew he'd found something (probably gross) to eat. Glad I was gone because he fairly exploded in the house. There was no trace of it when I got him this evening so thankfully Jeff got it cleaned up (after he threw up). HOPEFULLY he will remember this episode next time he has the urge to just open the door and let the dog out. Makes veggie-chip gas pale in comparison. (I got a good chuckle over that one, Stude)

    Is Amy riding Tex now? Is he doing better with itchies? And more importantly.... who left the gate open?
    Did you find baby?
  • Jmebear sold a filly last year and she was asked to buy her back last week.  Seems the woman who purchased her has fallen on bad times.  Husband abandoned her and the kids, had to move to Portland (OR) and had to get the horses out by Saturday.  She also wanted Jmebear to buy the other two minis and wanted too much for them.  One would think the woman would be grateful for getting full price back on Liebchen.  Whatever.  As it is, she messed up the papers and Jmebear will have to deal with a hassle to get them re-issued.

    We got the little mare home and set her up with a pen of Hog Panels.  I cleaned out a place (or actually I just finished the clean-out, raking up of the place my Travel Trailer used to be) for her pen behind the house.  She's just off the back deck walkway under the kitchen window.  Libchen loves it because she can eavesdrop on us when we're in the house, can see her mother, and all the other horses.  I put her big red ball (one of those thirty-inch workout balls) in with her and she was delighted.  She really does seem happy to be back here.  Worked her for twenty minutes or so today too (She wasn't happy about THAT).

    Got Socks out and went for a short drive on either Monday or Tuesday, I don't remember which.  He was good as gold.  Then again, I didn't ask too very much of him either.

    Weeds have gone hog-wild around here and I am hard put to keep after them.  In fact they're winning and quite getting away from me.

    Looks like we may have Blister Beetles in the new hay.  Oi...  That's all we need is another load of bad hay.

    Don't know if I mentioned that two of our County Supervisors came by to see the place and talk about Code Enforcement's demands.  They both thought it thoroughly stupid of C.E. to be demanding the removal of the shipping Container.  Jmebear also received an email from the head honcho County Civil Service supervisor.  He reassured her again that he is looking into her case and would be personally assisting in getting the issues dealt with along with ending any harassment by C.E.  We shall see how this works out as the neighbor who is behind all this has relatives all through County Government.  So I'm now off the hot seat in getting this container moved.  For now anyway.

    Trying to work out how to get down to the Napa area and pick up a cart for Socks.  I'm going to try attaching a pic of it with the P.O. and her horse:

    Hey, it seems to have worked!    Love this cart.  We already have two.  One is for Chance and the other for Crystal.  I love them and have been looking for a K.G. in Socks' size.  The builder says all we have to do is switch the shafts on Crystal's cart and it will fit Socks.  So, since the above cart is the same size, all I'll have to do is put on the shafts I have already prepared and we'll be ready to go.  Needs a bit of work, but she's asking a reasonable price.

    Well, I need to hit the hay!   Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  • We use to live in a neighborhood where if I put my popup camper in the driveway for one day prior to a trip to prep and one day after the trip to cleanup I got complaints from the HOA. However, the guy who was making the complaints kept an ice cream truck parked on the road 24/7 365 days a year. As long as he could fire it up when the authorities came around, he was legal. But he couldn't handle a camper in a driveway off the road for even one day.

  • Yeah, I've had neighbors like that in neighborhoods that don't even have a HOA.  However out here in Oak Run, the average landowner has over a hundred acres.  The jack-donkey who is harassing Jmebear has nearly a thousand!  The issue is an Ass who thinks he's a Thoroughbred.

  • The adventures of Stude. Love it. If I was over a barrel like that lady was I'd be begging you to take all the horses and not blink. I'd probably offer you money to take them. Or really, figure out my gas expense to Oregon and see if you could cover that in exchange for the horses.

    Anyway, our town has codes but no enforcement so we have some junk in our neighborhood. I don't care about campers but there's one guy with half a dozen cars parked - he has reduced them some. Then there's a boarded up place. And a trailer with a porch built on and siding on half the trailer. lol All nice people, though. I'd never complain on them.

    Today was tough. Tough week actually. I'm anxious to move but honestly it's SOOOO expensive there. It's sinking in. Not sure what I'll do. I thought I'd get base housing and it's expensive as heck but it's all inclusive and about 2 miles from work. That's worth something but... wow.

    Better move along. Happy Friday.

  • Thank you for not complaining.  I would likely be your neighbor with twelve cars.  Though in my case they would be lined up and if I could under a shed (what with the weather you get).  You would have to put up with horses too as I won't be without them again, if I can help it.

    Best of luck with the housing issues Hunter.

    Well I got some pics of Liebchen today.  She's all grown up from the little nipper who loved sleeping in Mummie's feed tub.