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Wednesday Well

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Wednesday Well
  • we worked yesterday.
    Went to check momma and calf.
    Couldn't find calf. Momma had it hidden. No buzzards so it must be ok.
    I will go feed this morning and Amy and I plan t ride over there later so I am sure I will see it today.

    We moved the rest of the granite pile. 2 rock piles. 2 loads of dirt and planted the new plants.
    Put some of the granite in Jet's stall. He is such a pig. Used it to fill his pee holes that need to be routinely dug out.
    Pilot used the rest to make a path to and around the pump house.

    While I was watering, he went to gate to check for a package I was expecting.
    He came roaring back and said gate was standing wide open. I dropped hose and we grabbed a feed bucket and halters and sped off.
    Thankfully it was Sarcee and Tonto's turnout day. We found them grazing. She is such a good girl. She thinks there is an invisible rope across any gate.
    You have to ask her to go through.

    Pilot has a blood test this morning and he may stop and get the possum haw whilst he does other errands.
    If he stops and if they still have it.

    We are planning to sneak off this weekend if I can get my extra Saturday shift covered.
    Scarborough fest is in Waxahachie not Magnolia. About same distance except north not east.
    Cousin is not a musician but a real entertainer for sure.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Sarcee reminds me of my Socks.  He's the same way about gates.  In fact, if I leave his stall gate open, Socks will close it.  Then he will nicker at me till I come back and latch it.  I think he likes to make sure the ponies can't get in.

    Bought some new veggie chips at Winco today.  Shared with the dogs whilst I waited for Jmebear to pick up a few things.  Never again...  the odorous reaction from the little terrier is... eye watering.

    We had a visit by two County Supervisors yesterday because of the problems Jmebear is having with Code Enforcement.  Things are looking promising that C.E. will be somewhat more cooperative and reasonable.  

    Don't remember if I mentioned it, Firefly came home on Monday afternoon.  He is sporting a very strange clip due to the surgery.  Looks like someone didn't know how to do a proper Trace Clip.  It never ceases to amaze me how small this little fellow is.  He's doing very well and Jmebear is being very protective of her little darling.  Don't blame her.  He really is a sweetheart.

    Well the week is over the half-way-hump and we are now headed down to Mother's day Weekend.

    Hope all you ladies have a GREAT Mother's Day!

  • Busy week of phone calls and doing things for my sister. Brought her home to reside on the bar until next April when she will move in next to my parents in VA, in the cemetery. Cable/Phone/Internet off, Cell Phone off, All Dr. appointments cancelled, paperwork hand delivered to probate court.

    Heading to VA tomorrow for Mother's Day weekend with son and his family. Possibly last visit to their part of VA as they are trying to find work in SC.