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Tuesday tradeoff

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Tuesday tradeoff
  • Do we work today or go run more errands?
    Lots of work needs doing.

    There was a possum haw tree at 75% off where we purchased our geraniums on Sunday.
    Pilot was having a bad day Sunday because of another electrical glitch on the Bug Smasher so he decided we should just go drive around.
    We did end up getting the geraniums and some other plants. We should have bought the possum haw but didn't and now it is bugging me.

    Yesterday the Bug Smasher did fly! I am glad that is over with, he gets grumbley when he can't fly.
    I went to the volunteer luncheon. Got a cube of squares on the way home since we are still a month away from second cutting.
    I have one round left to use.

    Rio Cocoa had her calf finally yesterday.. Although it is not the one we wanted.
    Gestation calculation puts it at being from the neighbor's bull that got in and not the breeding we thought we bought her with.
    Very disappointing. Not sure how to cure the issue of fence jumping bulls. The other neighbor has 11 tiger stripe heifers and am wondering if he is bringing in his own bull before
    the neighbor's goes through his fence. The cattle soap opera is getting more complicated.

    Connie - I am sure you are glad to have the house sold. I would sell the house in town it wasn't for my dad living there.

    Face - Sorry for the loss of your sister.

    The rain here has made everything lovely again. Although we have 20 mph winds forecast through Saturday.
    Yuck more wind. Planning to ride tomorrow anyway.

    I am definitely nap challenged. Pilot can and usually does about a half hour nap every afternoon.

    Everyone have a terrific Tuesday!

  • Glad the calf is healthy even if it has the wrong daddy.  We had a Jersey bull take down our fences to get in there when we had heifers...We got them penned but it took several men and a lot of time to catch him.  He was purchased by a neighboring land owner for his help...they tied him out in a field with a cement block attached to the rope...he left their rope and block and went hunting for girls.  The workers strung him up that night.  Another neighbor offered to buy him to run with his heifers but the Guatemalans ate him.

    Neighbor Tom has fixed the lane fence...actually rebuilt it and is now working on snow and deer damage to the pasture fence...the pasture fence has a good 60 foot section they took down so thoroughly that it looks like a highway down there.  Tempted to put up a solar fencer but then, the community garden next door tried that last year and they just jump over.