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Saturday and COLD

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Saturday and COLD
  • Joy, it got up to 60 yesterday.  Six this morning and it is 9degrees and snowing.  It rained most of yesterday.

    I made some minor repairs on the cat deck yesterday to help the feral colony weather this next cold/snow spell.  They seem to prefer the deck to the other options here for shelter.  Personally, I think the two in the barn are the smartest.  Even Mort , the lone tom cat that lives under the picnic table, goes to the barn for shelter.  He fully understands that he has protection from the elements there and that I appear twice to three times a day with food and water.

    Whisper is not much interested in the weather.  If she looks out and it is precipitating, she stays in.  She really prefers the security of the barn to the dangers of the outside world.

    Waiting for it to get lighter out before I go and feed all of the critters.  Thankfully, I do not have a set time to feed.  Just a general time frame.  I have known of horses getting pretty upset when fed at certain times and then the time is suddenly changed.  If the feed time is in a from this to that time they (in my opinion) don't fret as much and seem happy when they see me approach. 

    Hope all is well with everyone.  By the way, where is everyone?

    There is ice under this snow so I will be extra careful when I go out to feed.

  • No slip sliding Connie!

    I do a general time frame for feeding also.

    My only issue is getting out to pee the princess Sarcee.

    She won't pee in her stall or even in a pen or round pen.

    Makes this alternating turn out a pain. She needs to be taken out in the afternoon for potty.

    Cowie day yesterday.

    I put together a patio heater. The instructions were terrible!

    Every portion was a trial and error. Put together and took apart each section 4 times?

    I persevered.

    The guys had a tough time with building the kitchen island to accommodate 4 stools.

    And as I feared Richard wanted me to start laying the stone for the fireplace front and hearth.

    I think they probably tore out my stonework after we left?

    Shirlene had hand surgery. She was bandaged and one handed. She felt it went well.

    Everyone must be too busy to chill with us?

    Have a slip free Saturday!

  • Haven't had much to say.  At least not much of interest.  

    The back is sloppy and wet.  A week of rain has that effect on it.  Let the kiddos (big ones anyway) out in the neighbor's paddock and they had a ball!  First time out for many-a day!  They'll get out today as well, I think.

    Socks is much like your Whisper, Connie.  He does like his house.  Whenever he was let out back, Socks was the first back to the barn.  However, I seriously doubt our barn is anywhere near as cozy as yours.  Ours is more like a Mare-Motel than a real barn.  But you know, it's really all we need.  We have six equines in a four-stall barn (Minis, you know, take up less room).  Socks and Breezy take up half, and the four Minis are in the other half with the big, bad, stallion (32") in the lean-to.

    I do hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed Sunday.