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Thursday Thaw

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Thursday Thaw
  • Sorry you easterners are getting walloped.
    We are in for some good weather at least for the next week. 50-60*s for highs and 30-40*s for lows.
    Never ever am I going back to cold country.

    Austin is too-ooo weird! Good you got passed over Hunterseat.
    The next one will be a great Texas job!

    MaderChica left early this morning.

    I need to get rolling on to chores and volunteer day.
    Everyone have a thawing Thursday!

  • Finally Friday here.  Minus one and it is pushing 7am.  The wind chill is putting us in the minus double digits and everything around here is closed.  Cal got the call before he even got back to the terminal yesterday afternoon..well, they called his aide since he was driving.  A lot of schools closed for today yesterday.  I have not fed any of the critters yet.  I put more blankets on the cat house on the deck last night., they wanted in the garage but I can't let a bunch of cats in there...not fond of the smell of tom cat and I am sure It would come with them.  They can go into the barn but seem to prefer the deck.  Mort stays out front or in the barn.  Hope the old boy stays in the barn with the girls that live there.  Whisper will get her bucket of hot water as usual.  Cal just said it isn't that bad at only minus one and I said he could do barn chores.  He declined.  Such a hot weather lover.  I can't stand humidity and he doesn't deal well with cold.

    There are days when moving to a warmer place sounds lovely. James, my youngest, sent me a picture he took while eating his lunch the other day.  He was sitting in his truck, taking a break from his tree work, and overlooking green grass, palm trees and the ocean.  Sounds delightful and there are ten acre zoned farm lots available there .  Yet how would I leave my critters?  How could I afford six month quarantine for all of them and then shipping?  Ah, well, Spring is coming.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend and that the people on the east coast don't get buried in snow.

  • Six month Quarantine?  Trust me Connie, Hawaii is a lovely place to visit and very expensive to live there.  Hunter should back me up on this one, be honest now Hunter?  Florida (flah-dah) would be a better choice or Sah-th Car-lah-nah.  

    Rain here.  Heavy squalls interspersed between misty-moisty all day.  Have almost all of the greenhouse surround in place on the back deck.  Ran out of spring clips for the last panel though.  I think there are some on the extra door I can rob.  Then all I have to do is the valances to close up the gables and I'm done, the plants can move in and all is good.  Looks like this winter isn't going to be as cold as I had feared though.  That's a reasonably good thing, I suppose.  However no snow means very little water next summer.  Ah well, cross that bridge when it comes.  It's so nice to finally have everything draining so well around here now.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Connie wouldn't like the humidity in Sah-th Car-lah-nah.

  • Yes, Face, humidity is not something I am fond of.  I seriously doubt if we ever move.  Our home is snug, I have a barn and land...just would be better if we had access to better riding spots but I have permission to ride the 100+ acres across the road.  Hard part is finding safe access to it.  This is a busy road and it is pretty much straight up to get into that land but there is one pathway and I  might find another.  Ah, to be young and adventurous. again.  The issue on local places to ride is this narrow road that seems to be a speedway.  Not a safe place if a horse gets upset.

  • Well how about Kentucky? Kind of a middle of the road sort of place. Close to the Kentucky Horse Park too.