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First Day Monday

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First Day Monday
  • A new year.  A fresh start.  Temps in the sub zero range.  I do not like this cold.  However, the barn is sturdy, my water works, the new water heater in the house (Cal installed) works great.  Carrying hot water to the barn three times a day is really not hard.   I guess the cold is easier to walk in than the snow.

    Had to use the blow dryer to thaw out the patio door this morning so I could feed the birds.  Shucks, only minus 16 when I went over to feed.  Some others have it colder.  Our house heats easily and well, some folks we know can't get it over fifty five in their homes.

    My horse dealer is supposed to get sixteen new horses this week from local people.  Sounds like there could be a companion for Whisper among them.  She really isn't lonely and is now staying outside a little while with less fuss.  Not sure she will go to pasture alone though.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful new year.  God bless you all.

  • Thanks! I hope it turns wonderful at some point! :) For that to happen I'd like to get a job offer and get the house sold immediately. Hopefully get Zag home. (it could happen)

    Yep, took the dogs out and they can't tolerate this cold/snow/ice melt on the road. This sucks, to put it crudely.

    I hope Harper's doing well and I hope MaderChica got in some riding!