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Friday more freezing

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Friday more freezing
  • And even more coming up. I'm not cut out for this kind of cold, I don't think. Probably just because I know there are warmer places I could be. Nothing makes me want to stay here now.

    Not sure what the weekend holds. Probably nothing outside. I could probably go play with horses but dang it's cold!
  • Cold here, too.  Was minus 8 during the night but it is plus 8 now.  All critters are fed and watered.  Now my bacon is frying and I am looking forward to my breakfast...oh, this is Saturday morning and I am on Friday night.  No matter.

    Whisper likes hot water straight from the house.  Good thing since water freezes quickly in this weather.

    Hope all have a good weekend.

  • Reading your posts resulted in one of the VERY few moments I am glad of living in Soviet California.  The coldest it gets here is in the teens and that is rare.

    Just about ready for the rain predicted for next week.  I have to patch two places on the roof of the Spartan and it will be water tight.  neither is larger than a paper clip.  The one by the vent caused a puddle the size of a saucer in the last storm though.

    I hope everyone around here has a great New Year's eve and a prosperous new year.