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Tuesday twenty sixth

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Tuesday twenty sixth
  • I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday.

    Christmas Eve Tonto decided to have an issue.
    Acted kind of like colic but not sure.
    Walked him some and gave him Banamine orally.
    He seemed fine and was hungry at 3 am when I checked.
    Crisis averted.

    Today is farrier day.
    Everyone have a great one wether you are shopping or shoeing!
  • Oh wow. How old is the Wonder Horse now? Is he home with you? How are the temps there? I'm glad he feels better.

    I hope your farrier had a good Christmas, such as things are.

    Heathen grandson came by with his mama yesterday. Mercy that boy is rotten. I still love him but he's rotten.

    I got a camera!! I'm really excited about that. I've been meaning to get one for years. Mine finally died on my about that long ago and it was just a little digital. This is pretty nice and it has a telephoto lens! YAY!

    It snowed here yesterday which was nice, especially since it didn't stick around. But it's FREEZING here now and will be for some time.

    Is today Boxing Day?

  • DH, sorry about Tonto's issue.  Whisper went off her feed a week or so ago...didn't want anything to do with her grain and water wasn't on her list of good things to ingest.  I give her warm water in cold weather anyway so I added some molasses to it.  Made sure she got out to move around.  Then slowly put her back on grain. Things seem fine now but she won't drink unless I make her go out and move.  Then she 'heads me off at the pass" when I come into the barn yard with my buckets of hot water from the house and starts drinking.  Guess that is what I will have to be doing to keep her hydrated.  We are in the single digits now and the temps are supposed to go below zero down into double digits.  Glad the barn keeps her out of the wind.  Wondering if she has enough blanket?  She does have a pretty good winter coat and I bed her pretty heavy so she should be okay.

    Glad for the camera, Hunter.  I did some trading with a friend and got her 'old' Nikon with the telephoto lens...she got a better one and now she only uses her phone...hmmm, might be another camera in my future?

    Cal still doesn't feel well.  He has vacation days coming but they said too many people are out this time of year for him to take them.  Yet, Tuesday, they had someone take his afternoon run because that guy didn't have any work?  Not sure how or if the office thinks.  He is talking retirement.  It will drop our income but , he loves resale and there is a chance we can do that from here if he is around.  We will see.

    I am aware that this is Wednesday , but didn't feel like thinking up a title for the day.

    Oh, each of my sons, with the aid of their spouses, made me a gift for Christmas.    Harkens back to school days when they would bring home a gift they made.  I will treasure these gifts.

    Hope all the horses are well,  The kids behave, and this year winds down nicely for all.

  • Hunter, yes Tuesday was Boxing Day.  Think of it this way.; the holiday has that name because of the need to box up and bin all the detritus from Christmas day.  Day three of Christmas (Three French Hens, you know) today.  One thing that never ceases to amaze me is why Madison Avenue didn't contrive to con Americans into celebrating the 'Twelve Days of Christmas ' from Dec 25th to Jan 6th.  They would have made a killing.  Then again, Santa Claus is more attractive I suppose...

    Happy Christmas everyone.