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Wednesday again!

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Wednesday again!
  • Thanks for the sentiment regarding the Jag. I took pictures and froze today and posted it on Ebay Motors. Still haven't mentioned it to Chatter. Cuz....well, him.

    I made a gluten free Mexican wedding cake. It was okay. Was going to be for the party but so many of us didn't go. We dug into it. I brought the rest of it home. Fixed me and boy frozen pizza. We're not picky. It was bacon cheese stuffed crust, one meat one Hawaiian. Now I'm going for ice cream. (got some from the store)

    I rode Friday at the rescue. Cute little guy I fell in love with.

    It's so nice to be able to come here. Glad to see people here. I've been sort of stressed lately. Have to remember to be positive.
  • I can't believe it's Wednesday already!!  Got Socks out and long-lined him yesterday.  Went for a walk with him today.  Hope to find the time to actually harness him and drive tomorrow.

    Hunter, what's Mexican Wedding Cake?

  • Super cold here.  At least we did not get all the snow we were threatened with.

    Hunter, that rescue in Jersey, I think the one you go to, has an adorable 14.3 gelding.  I think he is only 8.  Sadly, their adoption requirements include 'horses I have had in the past 5 years and why I no longer have them" essay.  um, let's see, sold one back to original owner because she wanted her.  Sold one for profit .  Sold one to a fantastic forever home that will use him. Sold one at auction because he tried to teach me to fly.  Sent one to auction because he was not aware he was a gelding and was hurting my mare.  Bet they would consider me a poor risk.  I do think this is the best rescue around, however.  They truly try to rehab these horses for a new life and they don't  do this to make a big profit.

    Hunter, wouldn't it be great if you could get a job in NJ?  I have a friend there with horses and she has to live in NJ because of her job but said small farms are a lot more reasonable in PA and I think the cost of living is, too.

    Glad Socks got out for a stroll.  Would a  ride with saddle work for the two of you, Stude?

  • There was a time when I would say yes Connie.  I don't ride anymore.  Just can't deal with the pain.  Socks would enjoy it though.

  • the two of you look so good when you ride him.